Upstate NY public school bans use of the word FREEDOM

Students of the 8th Grade at Spry Middle School in Webster, N.Y., were banned from speaking the word freedom and from wearing shirts bearing the word freedom at a school rally on March 4th, 2011.

Several weeks earlier students had begun organizing a protest campaign planning to shout the word freedom and wear shirts with the same word written across the front at the upcoming rally. This protest was to support a classmate who had been suspended, arrested and put on trial in town court for possession of a small amount of marijuana.

Minutes before the rally, Principal Dave Swinson took the entire 8th grade class aside and threatened them by saying that anyone who said free, freedomFree Paul, or Rasta or wore the t-shirts with freedom written across the front, would be removed from the rally, suspended and face “further consequences.” Not to be defeated, the students wore the shirts anyway. They also planned a surprise for the rally…

As each class was introduced there was yelling and screaming, each class trying to out-shout the other. When it came time for the 8th Grade, the Principal made the introduction, everyone awaited the loudest screams of all and…TOTAL  SILENCE! With their “silent freedom scream” these adult-minded children showed their childish adult supervisors the failure of Prohibition, the power of protest and the meaning of Freedom. A week and a half later, on March 15th, units of the Webster police and the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office entered Spry Middle School, a “gun-free zone,” heavily armed with batons, tasers, and loaded handguns. There had been no 9-1-1 call. There had been no complaint. Students were held hostage, forced to remain in one place for almost an hour. Three German Shepherd police dogs were circulated through the hallways, barking aggressively and scaring the children in the classrooms, according to eyewitnesses. Several students were taken away for interrogation and were hand-searched by adults not related to them…nothing was found and no arrests were made.

In a follow-up email, Principal Swinson told parents of the traumatized children: “The drill went very well, as we expected.”

New! The following is an open letter from Eric Hughes, exclusive Reporter of the Spry Middle School situation to further explain why there was no corporate media coverage or confession from the criminally liable police and school administrators:

“If you are familiar with local corruption you will understand the media blackout on this matter. First, should principle Swinson admit anything there will be a massive First Amendment lawsuit, so nobody at the school is talking. Second, most media, attorneys and school administrators, as well as the pension funds of police departments and judges are HEAVILY invested in the companies and corporations that build and supply the prison industry. Also keep in mind a judges pension directly increases with every case brought before his court. The media stations, WROC, WHEC, WHAM, D&C etc. are no longer locally owned, but have been purchased by: THE SAME MULTINATIONAL CORPORATIONS THAT BUILD THE PRISONS!!! What a surprise. So we have almost everyone involved making lots of money by violating peoples freedom. Don’t forget the Emily Good case (Rochester woman arrested for filming police corruption from her front yard in her pajamas). Absolutely zero local coverage until a YouTube video was posted and the whole thing went viral. At her hearing (I was there personally) not one single reporter there (WHEC, WROC, WOKR, WHAM, YNN, D&C) would ask if she was pursuing a First Amendment lawsuit, only asking the violated girl what SHE WAS GOING TO DO TO REPAIR COMMUNITY RELATIONS WITH POLICE! Can you believe that one? Fortunately I asked, she answered yes and WHAM reported it on radio. So with money flowing from the people into the corrupt system, administrators criminally liable for the speech ban and parents too scared to confront the situation it comes as little surprise there is a deafening silence regarding Spry. My source was one brave student going to her parents (close friends of mine) immediately after each incident (speech ban, silent freedom scream, and police lockdown). Descriptions were detailed, honest, and accurate with both parents and daughter involved in my interviews and conversations. The situation desperately needs exposure through alternative media like us. Thanks for taking interest and let me reassure you the entire matter is true. Spread the article as much as possible. It appears the pressure from the over 10,000 people who viewed this article in 8 weeks of posting has stopped the yearly police sweep and random lock-downs. A significant victory. Keep in touch. -Eric”




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31 comments on “Upstate NY public school bans use of the word FREEDOM

    • Great that you re blogged this but, as the author did in this article, “gun free zone” does not apply to Law Enforcement! Common sense, but it sure makes for a catchy headline right? That being said, what is happening here is not only criminal but down right EVIL! You think kids of all people are gonna listen if someone says don’t say that! Kids are the most resilient living beings on Earth! Charges should be filed from the principle on up as well as the officers making the arrest and fondling the children in absence of the Guardians! f that does not work, dress your kids in a Grand Kilt, hand them a Claymore, send them to combat…… just tell them to act out Braveheart!


      • Awesome, TK. I think the point of mentioning that it is a “gun-free zone” is that the children couldn’t (and can’t!) defend themselves from their menacing overlords, not that “law enforcement” was breaking that particular statute fake-law.


  1. I am not surprised that there is no other news on this, what does surprise me is that there are only 2 comments before me. If I were the parent of one of these children I would be furious. I assume, perhaps wrongly, that like me, my child is an American citizen.


  2. Time to get rid of all the administrators in that school. Also the schoool board for not taken action against all the administrators.


  3. […] Students of the 8th grade at Spry Middle School  in Webster NY were banned from using the word freedom and from wearing shirts bearing the word freedom at a school rally on march 4th , 2011 . Several weeks earlier students began organizing a protest campaign planning to shout the word ” freedom ” and wear shirts with the word freedom written across the front  at the upcoming rally. The protest was in support of a classmate who was suspended , arrested , and put on trial in town cout for having a small amount of marijuana . Just minutes before the rally , principal Dave Swinson took the entire 8th grade class aside and threatened them by saying anyone who says ” free , freedom , free Paul , or rasta ” or wears the t-shirts with freedom written across the front , will be removed from the rally , suspended , and face ” further consequences “. Not to be defeated , the students wore the shirts anyway . They also planned a suprise for the rally . As each class was introduced , there was yelling and screaming , each class trying to out-shout the other . When it came time for the 8th grade the principal made the introduction , everyone awaited the loudest screams of all and ……TOTAL SILENCE ! With a ” silent freedom scream ” these adult-minded children showed child-like adults the failure of prohibition , the power of protest and the meaning of freedom . A week and a half later on March 15 units of the Webster police and the Monroe County sheriffs office entered Spry middle school , a “gun free zone ” , heavily armed with batons , tasers , and loaded  handguns . There was no 911 call . There was no complaint . Students were held hostage , forced to remain in one place for almost an hour . Three german shepard police dogs were circulated throughout the hallways , barking aggressively and scaring the children in the classrooms , according to eyewitnesses . Several students were taken away for interrogation and physically searched by adults not related to them . No arrests were made . In a follow-up email principal Swinson  told parents of the traumatized children : ” the drill went very well , as we expected . “ […]


  4. I am more proud than I can express that this generation is so ready to stand and fight. They will absolutely need to if they want to be free in today’s increasingly controlled America.


  5. This “drill” was *obviously* a punishment!!!

    I hope the students plan another rally, wearing the *same* shirts and doing the *same* things.

    When you are punished wrongfully, the only response is to do it *again!!!*


  6. I would love to repost this, but whoever wrote it has no sense of basic English grammar and syntax. Honestly, I’d be ashamed of putting up a link to this kind of “writing.” But the content is noteworthy.


  7. This is so perfect. It illustrates with crystalline precision what is happening to America.

    We beat the Soviet Union. Then we became them.


  8. I think an anonymous “tip” should be made to the local police that claims principal Swinson’s home is loaded with drugs. When the cops find nothing, principal Swinson can be told that ” the drill went very well , as we expected . “


  9. With any luck, the parent-teacher organization will have a field day. “There is no fettering of authority.” -William Shakespeare


  10. What is wrong with these people, what was the threat, little kids shouting, and scaring thrm, wow, major issues with this. Stand up children, let them know you have a voice, if one situation doesn’t work then find anothet way


  11. getting rid of public schools instead of getting rid of the administrative figure heads, is like saying we should get rid of drug addicts and users instead of the growers, cookers, and distributers, in order to fix the drug problem. Public schools are as good or as bad as the power heads that are running them! What I am having a hard time wrapping my head around is where the heck the parents are in all of this! I did not read one sentence that stated the reaction of and the actions that will be taken by the parents! Come on, your children are braver and have more patriatism then their own parents! Why the hell arent u screaming to the civil rights organizations, the church heads, your senator your mayor!!!! You are responsible for how your school systems are run, thats why we have school boards! come on parents, fight for your kids rights, for the honor of your country and all we benefit by it!


    • Government (ie public) schools are not much different than prisons, and they are DESIGNED to indoctrinate children. Read some of John Taylor Gatto’s work (he was NY Teacher of the year 2 or more times, until he finally blasted the system and told the truth about how horrific our entire schooling system is for our children).
      Learn the insidious history behind WHY our school system was designed this way. It’s not “broken”; the schools are doing EXACTLY what they were designed to do: Dumb-down kids, turn them into homogenized robots willing to do whatever authority tells them without question, the perfect worker-bees for corporate monopolies. (remember the Nazis – they did what they were told, w/o question).
      Brief history tour
      See also:

      You couldn’t pay me enough to put my precious children in a government school.


  12. Can Courtroomobservation cite ANY source with which to corroborate the information in the blog post? I live in Rochester, and I have not been able to confirm the events described through any local sources. Friends of mine in Webster have not heard of the incidents described.


  13. If you have any official information regarding this please send it to myself via the email recorded with this comment. I have notified the Genesee Valley NYCLU chapter of this rather horrifying situation and they also may be contacting you for information as well. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.


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