Why does Law enforcement abuse the general public?

Courtroom Watch

The Corruption Process of a
Law Enforcement Officer:
A Paradigm of Occupational
Stress and Deviancy

Francis L. McCafferty, MD, Sam Souryal, PhD, and
Margaret A. McCafferty, RN

The public does not want all laws enforced. In the closed society of law enforcement
institutions, police discretion, the conspiracy of silence, the lack of an
administration with integrity, and susceptible law enforcement officers contribute
to the development of corruption from occupational deviance. Corruption in law
enforcement agencies may have similar roots in business. law. medicine. and
other professions. ~ndershndin~ the law enforcement corruption paradigm may
therefore be helpful in correcting and curbing corruption in other professions.

Law enforcement officers are usually
both respected and suspected, hated and
loved, feared and courted for favor, maligned
and praised. They wield tremendous
power and are capable of depriving
persons of their freedom, reputation, and
life. ‘
The majority of law enforcement officers
are competent, honest, professional,

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