WELCOME !   This is the place for free people to post their need for courtroom observers . 99% of court cases , attorneys , judges and police are operating , supporting and continuing  a system of freedom-violation against free people . We have all been illegally and unconstitutionally forced into the  code-system so those who do not produce anything can legally steal your money and proprety . Please post your case description and time of appearance . Keep in mind most judges have no bond as required by law , because the corruption is so rampant bond issuers will not insure them . They also took an oath to the constitution yet break it with every decision in the new but illegal code-enforcement court system . THEY ARE THE VIOLATORS OF FREEDOM ! YOU ARE THE VICTIM ! POST YOUR REQUEST ! SHOW UP AS OBSERVERS FOR OTHERS ! SCREAM FREEDOM ! ! !

The Courtroom Observation Network reserves the right to remove any postings that use profanity or make threats. Anyone posting false of misleading information can and will be located and prosecuted.




Post your court cases and request for Court Room Observers on these links below! Don’t forget to post the details!

 Your Contact info: If you wish!

Defendant / Plaintiff 

Address of Court 

Date and Time



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