fort lauderdale

State of Florida * Courtroom Observation Network

RIGHT HERE IN fort lauderdale Florida WE CAN HELP EACH OTHER.

Ready to Stand Up for a Person Who Needs You?

WELCOME !   This is the place for free people to post their need for courtroom observers . 99% of court cases , attorneys , judges and police are operating , supporting and continuing  a system of freedom-violation against free people . We have all been illegally and unconstitutionally forced into the  code-system so those who do not produce anything can legally steal your money and property . Please post your case description and time of appearance . Keep in mind most judges have no bond as required by law , because the corruption is so rampant bond issuers will not insure them . They also took an oath to the constitution yet break it with every decision in the new but illegal code-enforcement court system . THEY ARE THE VIOLATORS OF FREEDOM ! YOU ARE THE VICTIM ! POST YOUR REQUEST ! SHOW UP AS OBSERVERS FOR OTHERS ! SCREAM FREEDOM ! ! !




Post your court cases and request for Court Room Observers on these links below! Don’t forget to post the details!

Your Contact info: If you wish!

Defendant / Plaintiff 

Address of Court 

Date and Time



State of Florida * Courtroom Observation Network


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