2. Developmental Steps for C/O Chapter

Developmental Steps for C/O Chapter

Provisional Membership Requirements

1. Establish Commitment

  • Contact national and state C/O organizations.
  • Seek community support.
  • Establish planning committee.
  • Conduct needs assessment.
  • Inform key community leaders.

2. Establish Program Mission

  • Develop a mission statement consistent with National C/O Standards.

3. Establish Program Framework

  • Determine administrative structure.
  • Determine model of advocacy.
  • Determine volunteer and staffing needs.

4. Create Program Infrastructure
   If administrative structure is nonprofit:

  • Create a board of directors.

   For all programs:

  • Define and assign responsibility for governance and financial management.
  • Determine liability risks and ensure statutory protection.
  • Establish goals and timelines.

5. Plan Resource Development Strategy

  • Assess financial need.
  • Create initial budget.
  • Identify potential funders.
  • Develop fundraising plan.
  • Seek funding.

 Full Membership Requirements

6. Develop Human Resource Policies

  • Determine program director qualifications.
  • Develop job description.
  • Establish policies and procedures for recruitment, screening and selection of program director.

7. Build External Relations

  • Develop public awareness materials in compliance with National C/O graphic standards.
  • Speak to civic and community organizations regarding need for volunteers and resources.

8. Initiate Program Operations

  • Secure funding.
  • Establish office.
  • Complete development of personnel policies and procedures.

9. Implement Volunteer Program

  • Develop volunteer policies and procedures.
  • Recruit and screen volunteers.
  • Conduct pre-service training.
  • Arrange swearing-in.
  • Assign cases.
  • Supervise volunteers.
  • Create a plan for required volunteer in-service training.

This outline provides brief general guidance only. National C/O provisional and full membership will be considered after satisfactory completion of the application, including submission of the required Indicators of Compliance and payment of dues. Before granting membership, NationalC/O will communicate with your state C/O organization (if one exists) regarding the status of your program. Please call National C/O at (585) -9858 if you have questions. 

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