Ready to Stand Up for a Person Who Needs You?

WELCOME !   This is the place for free people to post their need for courtroom observers . 99% of court cases , attorneys , judges and police are operating , supporting and continuing  a system of freedom-violation against free people . We have all been illegally and unconstitutionally forced into the  code-system so those who do not produce anything can legally steal your money and property . Please post your case description and time of appearance . Keep in mind most judges have no bond as required by law , because the corruption is so rampant bond issuers will not insure them . They also took an oath to the constitution yet break it with every decision in the new but illegal code-enforcement court system . THEY ARE THE VIOLATORS OF FREEDOM ! YOU ARE THE VICTIM ! POST YOUR REQUEST ! SHOW UP AS OBSERVERS FOR OTHERS ! SCREAM FREEDOM ! ! !




Post your court cases and request for Court Room Observers on these links below! Don’t forget to post the details!

Your Contact info: If you wish!

Defendant / Plaintiff 

Address of Court 

Date and Time



State of Florida * Courtroom Observation Network



Who Can Be a Volunteer?

You do not have to be a lawyer or social worker to be a volunteer. We welcome people from all walks of life. We are simply looking for people who care about Justice and have common sense. As a volunteer, you will be supported by other Courtroom Observers  and professionals to help you through each case.

No C/O Program in Your Area?

There are nearly 50 State programs recruiting  volunteers to change people’s lives for the better. If there is not a program in your area and you are interesting in starting one, learn how to start a C/O program in your area.

The court observation experience can be the basis for continued dialogue and learning that provides volunteers with a variety of ways to utilize their special skills, talents, and role as   advocate for change, increase their understanding of the court expectations, and move forward.  Understanding the scope of the law can dramatically impact the volunteer’s investigation and inevitably affect the outcome of the case, and what will or will not happen for the involved Defendant. Courtroom monitoring helps bridge the volunteer’s initial interest into advocacy and creates a foundation of action that will inspire change. More specifically, volunteers can learn and understand the purposes of each hearing, issues addressed at the hearings, and how to bring the defendants voice forward in court. Through courtroom monitoring, volunteers are also learning more about the complexities and dynamics of the availability and quality of services (or lack thereof), and how they (as volunteers) can effect change in the courtroom


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