Info Flyer for distribution at Courthouses

Info Flyer for distribution at Courthouses


1) This court is now a private corporation posing as a town/county court . This is fraud .

2) The judges and other lawyers who will steal your money are the shareholders . This is racketeering .

3) The district attorney will commit a felony by asking you to plead guilty to a crime you never did . This is perjury .

4) The district attorney is not the people . He or she is the state . You are the people .

5) The town , county or state cannot be a victim . Ask for a document from the victim of your offense , usually there is none . No victim , no crime . That is Common Law .

6) As a private corporation , this court has no true jurisdiction over you , under Common Law you are over the court .

7) A judge enjoys being reminded of his or her oath under Article 6 clause 3 : ” … judicial officers ..shall be bound by Oath or Affirmation to support this Constitution … ”

8) You have the right to a jury trial not a bench trial . The Bill of Rights Article 6 says
: ” … the accused shall enjoy a speedy and public trail by an impartial jury …” Article 7 says : “…the right of trial by jury shall be preserved …”

9) Feel free to exercise your right to video all proceedings . Decisions by the 9th circuit court in Fordyce v. City of Seattle , and the 11th circuit court in Smith v. City of Cumming both affirm your first amendment right to film public proceedings on public property …

10) This is not legal advice , this is information to help you realize and exercise your rights as a free individual .

To learn more , go to or call Eric at (585)730-9220

Thank you !



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