Emergency Phone Blitz for Misty Koch

Emergency phone blitz for Misty Koch! She is facing 8 years for failure to appear on a victimless DUI charge. The witches court hates her.  Misty vigorously resists tyranny and has detailed knowledge of government corruption and prosecution of Native Americans.

Let’s not jerk around pretending the judge or governor make the final decision, it’s the Archbishop Bob Gruss 605-343-3541 and his enforcer the Vicar General Steve Beigler.

The frequent success of courtroom observers is due to our combined voices being the light of truth! Tell the men behind the court curtain we will expose them as the largest pedophile network in the world, from St. Pious child rape church in Missouri to the monastery in Canada where score of children’s bodies were recently found buried, we will expose it all!

The Witches court answers to the Vatican! Period! Where do they get off forcing Misty into a cage for 8 years while simultaneously shuffling rapist pedophile priests to different locations to avoid prison for priests?  Archbishop Gruss is hiding behind his secretary so keep calling until you get a reply! Together we can make a difference.  Thank you

Just to name a few:





What’s the State of the Church’s Child Abuse Crisis?





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