BREAKING: BENNETT found Guilty by Laughing Jury

According to lead founder of Courtroom Observers Eric Hughes Jones who is currently in the Ontario County Courthouse for the Shane Bennett gun confiscation case, the Jury has come back with their verdicts. Eric describes the scene as follows:

I have never in my life seen such a blatant disregard for due process of law, it seemed as if they found it amusing and funny to rip this family apart even though the only thing that Shane was guilty of was not filing paperwork.While the Jury was in the deliberation room, they could be heard laughing hysterically in the courtroom as well as in the halls of the courthouse as if they were at a party. “The laughter was not sporadic or spontaneous, it was prolonged, intense and EXTREMELY vocal.” While the jurors walked out of the jury room to return into courtroom, some had to straighten their faces to try and hide their laughter, Eric explained.

The Court raised Mr. Bennett’s bail from $5000.00 to $200,000 cash, although Mr. Bennett had showed up to all court appearances, and is clearly not a flight risk. After the deputies which were armed with “assault weapons” [according to the NY SAFE Act] took Shane Bennett into custody and out of the courtroom, Eric Hughes Jones witnessed Mr. Bennett’s attorney smiling and shaking hands with the judge, as well as prosecuting attorney Michael Tantillo .

The message sent today from the laughing jury, was that ALL the gun owners of New York that refuse to register  ask for permission from the state to have their self defense weapons are now ALL considered to be felons, thus they are now subject to the same unlawful/illegal treatment.

This laughing jury has now made it acceptable for police to break into YOUR home, steal YOUR property, destroy YOUR home, physically abuse YOUR children, assault your wife, and family members, all without a lawful warrant, or witness against YOU. Their justification was a “confidential informant” which was NEVER produced, thus HEARSAY is all these jurors needed to convict an innocent man, even though the New York Statutory Bill of Rights states NY CIV RTS section 4; ” A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms cannot be infringed.” Had the Jury actually followed the New York Statutes they would have had to find him not guilty. See more at:

It’s official GUN CONFISCATION has begun!!

To hear more about the Bennett trial, join Eric Hughes Jones, Lorri Anderson of Freedom Outpost, and Tom Lacovara-Stewart to hear about the unlawfulness that has run rampant in this case. Please tune into Resurrect the Republic-Dirty Uncle Sam Radio Show on RBN tonight 10pm – 12pm EST. Call in  1-800-313-9443 Listen in only at 605-562-5111.

May 26, 2016 Radio Show of Bennett trial verdict, and corruption.







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