BREAKING: BENNETT TRIAL Day 3; S.O.R.T. Team Officer UNMASKED and Testifies

According to Courtroom Observers lead founder Eric Hughes Jones on May 25, 2016, day three of the Shane Bennett trial, S.O.R.T. TEAM officer takes off his mask and testifies in Bennett case.

New York Special Operations Response Team Officer Bryan Stone, a man standing approximately 6’3″ with short black hair, was sworn in and testified. Officer Bryan Stone of the New York S.O.R.T. Team proceeded to make absurd claims, such as ” gun was only pointed in the air or at the ground during the entire raid” and suggested that he befriended the children. This in direct contradiction to what was observed at the scene by the wife and children, as well as testimony of Elizebeth Bennett on May 24, 2016 which described mayhem and brutality.

Daily Messenger reported on May 23, 2016 :

“Forcier described the raid that began at around 3:45 a.m. when the door was allegedly busted down by police.”

“Mayhem,” Forcier said. “Twenty cops come running in with masks on their faces, guns drawn.”

“The attorney said that, before police identified themselves to the occupants of the home, they placed guns to the heads of Bennett’s sons.”

“As Forcier spoke, Bennett, who sat at the defense table inside the courthouse’s North Courtroom, grew emotional and placed his hand over his eyes.”

“The guns were pointed at the dogs, (with the police) threatening to kill them if they didn’t shut up,” Forcier said.

“Bennett was handcuffed, and a two-hour search of the residence commenced, which Forcier described as a trashing of the home.”

“Forcier would describe Bennett and his family as a “pretty simple kind of people.”

“They don’t have any cable TV at their house; they don’t have any Internet at their house; they do have chickens, turkeys, ducks, horses,” he told jurors.

Mr. Shane Bennett’s parole officer from his original violation claimed “they would never parole someone to home with guns.” Even though the New York State Parole department DID KNOWINGLY parole and approve Shane to live in his father-in-law’s home which contained a large gun collection of over 150 firearms.

The parole officer who directly and knowingly approved Shane Bennett’s place of residence that included the gun collection was Michael Iacucci. Mr. Iacucci was subpoenaed by the defense. According to Courtroom Observers Eric Hughes Jones, Mr. Iacucci refused to accept the summons, and refused to testify.

It appears that closing arguments will be taking place today, unless something unexpected happens.

Court is being held at: The Ontario County Courthouse located on Main Street, Canandaigua, New York if you would like to show up and show your support for Shane Bennett and his family.

Note: Updates of previous days in this trial will be forthcoming, exposing the unlawfulness and corruption of the court.






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