Bennett Trial Begins !!!!

Bennett Trial Begins !!! Gun Confiscation has begun !!!

A court case of major importance to every American is happening the week of May 23, 2016 and possibly the following week of June 1, 2016.

Last November 24, 2015 the New York State police began violent gun seizures with a predawn assault upon the home of the Bennett’s “Shane, Elizabeth, and two sons” of Ontario County, New York.

Because Shane has a non-violent drug charge in his past, the state and county decided the Bennett’s would be an easy target for beginning gun confiscation and property theft. Over a million AR-15 rifle owners in New York are standing rightfully against forced registration. According to the NY SAFE Act  THEY ALSO are now considered FELONS themselves, and are subject to gun confiscation and felony arrest. So, the argument “we don’t want felons to own guns” is no longer valid, especially among gun owners.

Almost two million honest New Yorker’s are now felons by “the stroke of a pen”, by legislation known as the NY Safe Act. The two lead legislator’s responsible for this anti-constitutional statute are now in prison. (Sheldon Silver (D) ; 12 years extortion-corruption: Dean Skelos (R); 5 years extortion – corruption)

Criminal governments only respect one thing: Massive public pressure and that means YOU !

Courtroom Observers are a large part of the solution, as they help not only the defendant but also the over all cause of freedom. Be at the Ontario County Courthouse during the week before and after Memorial Day weekend. Freedom is NOT eating hotdogs, and watching games on TV during a holiday weekend, it is standing together with fellow members of your community who are being oppressed and need your help.

Shane Bennett is facing 15 years in prison for sleeping in his home with his family, and a gun collection nearby. Think about them coming for YOUR guns. Let’s fill the courtroom for the Bennett trial, presiding judge is Craig Doran. The entire nation is watching, be part of history and attend. Thank you !

” We must indeed all hang together or most assuredly we shall all hang separately ” Ben Franklin

“Courage is the foremost of all the virtues, without it you may never get to experience any of the others.”  Winston Churchhill




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