Shane Bennett Benefit Flyer

PLEASE NOTE: This is a copy of the flyer that was distributed to thousands of people and business’ in Western New York. We would like to specifically thank the business’that had the courage to post the flyers in their business windows helping to make the benefit a success.

Bennett benefit on Saturday March 5, 2016 located at the American Legion in Shortsville New York. Two days before last thanksgiving, the New York state police (with their faces covered) broke into the home of the Bennett’s on route 488 while they were sleeping at 3am. The armed agents stole 70 guns and over ten thousand dollars in cash, then arrested Shane Bennett while holding his children at gunpoint, and demanded $100,000 for Shane’s release. Over eleven years ago, as a teenager, Shane made a bad decision by driving someone to a drug house leading to a felony arrest and brief jail sentence. For this reason he is now being disarmed. Remember, Shane had done NO CRIMINAL ACT last November, he was simply sleeping in his house with a gun collection nearby.

Saturday’s benefit was to help the Bennett’s financially because the police S.O.R.T. unit “from route 332” took ALL of the family money, including envelopes clearly marked as wages earned by the “teenage boys” doing farm work over the summer. The police demolished the door to the garage even though the key was offered to them by the wife, Elizabeth. The police claimed only $4000.00 into evidence, leaving over $6000.00 unaccounted for. Reports from the court indicate three out of every five cases involving property seizure also involve theft by police. This is why they cover their faces. Please be there on Saturday or please buy a ticket and support freedom.

“… the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

Constitution for the United States of America

” All laws repugnant to the constitution are null and void “

Marbury VS Madison

” Those who give up their liberty for security end up with neither “

Ben Franklin

Author: Eric Hughes Jones

Read more at and hear more at

Please donate to help us provide information, print flyers, handout jury nullification pamphlets, and keep the movement going. When we stand together we ALL win. Every donation counts and is appreciated. You can donate via paypal to




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