Constitutional Government vs. Corporate Government

Constitutional government is what most Americans believe they have. However, belief is not truth. In truth, we have an incorporated government. Almost every town, city, and state have unlawfully transferred governing agencies into privatized “for profit” corporations which have no lawful authority over free people.

Our Republic not “democracy”, is founded upon constitutional principles that protect the individual over the collective group. Our Constitutional republic as soon as it became incorporated, was converted by attorneys into a private business masquerading as a government. This was put forth in the “An Act for Reorganizing State Government in New York 1925”: “First; the executive department. The constitutional amendment approved requires that the head of the department shall not be the governor himself but a person appointed by him with the advice and consent of the Senate. It is recommended that the constitution be amended so as to provide that the governor may be the head of the executive department.”

This new “executive” governor over the state is designated to manage and control the affairs of the state as a for profit business without being accountable to the people. Between March 4th and December 16th of 1925 there was a suspicious suspension of the New York State Senate record. Within three years the stock market was collapsed by the very bankers who were involved with converting the legitimate government of New York State into the private corporation called STATE OF NEW YORK. This is called operating under color of law. [Blacks Law Dictionary 5th Edition pg: 241 “Color of Law”]. The national bankruptcy allowed the government to initiate a condition of national emergency which is in effect to this day. This is why we are forced to pay taxes on private property, under threat of violent confiscation in a nation that was founded upon private property rights and a tax revolution. All private property, at the declaration of bankruptcy was placed in a condition called “IN rem”. [Blacks Law Dictionary pg: 713 “In rem”] This is the effect of privatized incorporated for-profit government. We never voted for this.

Author: Eric Hughes Jones

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