Emergency phone blitz ! War on gun owners has begun!

Emergency phone blitz ! Help patriot Shane Bennett 585-329-8154 war on gun owners has begun with assault on Shanes family judge Kocher 585-412-5278 signed a warrant that has Shanes name NOWHERE ON IT Also NO grand jury was heard so this entire matter is disarmament and property theft ! DA Mike Tantillo has been sued for withholding evidence and sanctioned by the courts google him 585-396-4010 require he send you copies of indictment and sworn affidavit or drop the charges ! Storm trooper Hainsworth 585-398-3200 and his S.O.R.T. UNIT are liable for criminal trespass , grand larceny , deprivation of civil rights , conspiracy against civil rights and operating as highwaymen under color of law and out of constitutional jurisdiction ! call chamber of commerce CEO Donna Borulla 585-394-4400 Hit em in their wallet ! make it clear : no freedom loving americans will be shopping in Ontario County NY or their precious resort of Canandaigua Lake ! CALL and DON’T STOP ! You can call every day if you have a legitimate purpose and you do ! thank you observer’s !

Listen to my new episode NY war on gun owners has begun with assault on Patriot Shane Bennett family. at http://tobtr.com/s/8121449. #BlogTalkRadio

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2 comments on “Emergency phone blitz ! War on gun owners has begun!

  1. The gates of HELL have been opened. Word of caution for the Bennett family. Now that Shane and his family have been targeted, it wouldn’t surprise me the black booted thugs from the child destruction kidnapping services pay a visit to follow up with investigation on child endangerment theft of offspring. Protect yourselves and your offspring, please.These agents are all one and work together, share info, and look for ways to torment the people and innocent little ones. The devil comes to seek, kill and destroy. God be with you Bennetts family. Side bar: It would be a good idea to have a web page listing all the all the home addresses of the criminal thugs that are doing all these crimes as well as copies of their oath of office and bond.. After all, they have ours don’t they? We are the masters, they are our employees acting in bad behavior.
    Remember Nuremberg???


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