Man is looking at a sentence from 5 to 15 years in prison for possession of cannabis.

Blessings and salutations All,
 I apologize for the imposition but, my son, Kyle , is in harm’s way, 250-300 miles from my door. May I impose upon our friends in the trenches?
 He ran into a gestapo checkpoint, late last Saturday night/early Sunday morning, staffed by the usual 3rd-party private contractors/hired road pirates, also known as the DEA and Missouri Highway Patrol.
 He was doing as his dad and helping some friends avoid the poisonous Mexican-brick crap cannabis the government servicing corp. would prefer you to use by supplying them with top quality, medical grade organic product.
 He is being held at a facility that is the pentical of justice centers, coming to be known as the “Wal-Mart” of justice. The food is completely artificial, cells are refrigerated, and staff are barely human. He told his mother when last they spoke that he now has a cut under his eye so she wouldn’t freak-out when she sees him Monday at his next appearance for court. I have few details above the actual events as I cannot speak with him and his legal pretender refuses to release any information about his case because of the attorney/client privilege clause that seldom works within the justice system.
 The jail hasn’t allowed visitors for about 5 months so, even if I could travel the distance, neither I nor his mother are allowed to see him in the flesh. The calling system for the prisoners is another 3rd-party servicing corporation, working for the sheriff’s office, and charging for calls in both directions, caller and callee’.
 His warrant, complaint and something called a ‘confid’ complaint were all “sworn out” Sunday Sept. 20th by a municipal court judge for Huntsville, Missouri by the name, STEPHANIE MICHELLE LUNTSFORD. You will notice that this is one of the many fictional entities that is part and parcel of the corporation that is currently running amok among us. He is being held on a $45,000 bond, which his mother and I can’t possibly touch, and have been told he would need 2 co-signers to be released. His mother has been told he is looking at a sentence from 5 to 15 years in prison for possession of more than 5 grams of a controlled substance, cannabis. As I learn more I will share, thanks ever so much!
 Here are the interested parties in stealing as much of my son’s future as they can possibly can;
1. Kyle Mikel- Case # 15RA-CR00675
2. Presiding Judge Name; Cynthia Suter                                  Address; Associate Circuit Judge                                                    372 Hwy J,   Huntsville, MO 65259                                                                                            Phone #: 660-277- 4601 or 660-277-5822
3. Sheriff ; Mark Nichols
Address372 Highway JJ Huntsville, MO  65259
Phone #660-277-5095 or 660-277-5822                                       E-mail
4. Prosecuting Attorney Mike Fusselman                                        Address  200 East Rollins Street Moberly, MO  65270                  Phone # 660-263-6390 or (660) 263-5822                                   email:
5. Vicar General (As has been stated in several instances, the arch diocese has full control of America’s judicial system) Vicar General and Moderator of the Curia                                         Rev. Joseph S. COREL                                                             Address  2207 W. Main St., Jefferson City, MO 65110               Phone #

Information from Missouri’s website called casenet, note the fictional entities identified by all uppercase lettering;
09/21/2015          Response Filed
     Response to Discovery; Electronic Filing Certificate of Service. Filed By: AARON ROWLEY
    Motion for Discovery    
        Filed By: AARON ROWLEY
    Entry of Appearance Filed    
     Entry of Appearance; Electronic Filing Certificate of Service.
          Filed By: AARON ROWLEY
    Notice of Court Hearing Sent    
    Setting – Prelim Hrg Scheduled    
    Scheduled For: 09/28/2015;  1:30 PM ;  CYNTHIA A SUTER;  Randolph    
        Arraignment Held    
     Defendant appears. State by PA Fusselman. Defendant arraigned/advised. Public defender enters. Set for Preliminary Hearing setting 9/28/15 at 1:30 PM.
09/20/2015          Warrant Issued    
     Document ID: 15-RAARW-326, for MIKEL, KYLE RYAN. , Bond Amount: 45,000.00
          Bond Set    
     Amount of Bond Set – $45,000
          Probable Cause Statement Filed    
          Complaint Filed    
          Confid Filing Info Sheet Filed    
          Judge Assigned

Do you hear what I hear???? I am calling the Kings and Queens to come regain their Crowns!
 I have no problem with Authority, I have a problem with TPtSB’s perceived authority. Secrecy is repugnant to a free society.
Johnny B of the Clan Mikel


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