Federal judge ORDERED US Attorney to present facts of criminal wrongdoing to Grand Jury/ US Marshal

Courtroom Watch

( 1 )  U.S. Marshal Paul Safier, is a U.S. Marshal in Trenton, New  Jersey.   His phone number is 609-989-2069.  Call him.  Ask him why he sanctions and endorses criminal conduct.  He is well aware of the constitutional violations and criminal conduct in my case.  His email is psafier@usms.doj.gov.  The other email address is my attorney’s, Jerald Di Chiara.

What follows is one of about 12 cases, or more, throughout the country that shows we can go to the Grand Jury.    In some states, we can go directly, we do not have to go through the Court  [ the supervising judge ] or the prosecutor, as this case indicates, from the Southern district of New York.

US Marshal James Howard, in the Southern district of New York knows that when I go to a Grand Jury, the Grand Jury will indict him.  Because US Marshal James…

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