Emergency phone blitz for John B in Kansas !

Emergency phone blitz for John B in Kansas ! If it were not him , Steven Dean would still be in prison ! He has done more for people in need than almost anyone i know ! Johnny is being dragged into the witches court , in violation of his US Supreme Court affirmed right to travel under Thompson v Smith . Call DA David Maslen 620-330-1020 judge David Casement 620-725-5870 Sheriff Dierks 620-251-3500 and of course the court collector , judicial vicar John Hotze 316-269-3900 ext 131  ask how does Kansas issue a licence that Johnny has never applied for ? Why is the court denying him the right to trial by jury when the constitution guarentees it under Article 6 and Article 7 ? Tell them to honor his Writ of Prohibition ! Please stand with Johnny B your freedom may some day depend upon him !  ‘Courage is the foremost of all the virtues for without it you may never get to experience any of the others .’


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