Brighton NY Courtroom Corruption

Update ! Brighton NY court clerk denies access to judge Morris voicemail ! This is a felony , actually several ! Demand access to PUBLIC SERVANT judge Morris and immediate arrest of PUBLIC SERVANT Dianne the court clerk ! Call chief Mark Henderson 585-784-5150 demand the arrest of the court clerk ! Call Sheriff Patrick O’flynn 585-753-4522 America’s most corrupt sheriff ! Ask why he conspires with unlicenced mortgage broker George Mercier to steal private homes and auction them on the front steps of the courthouse because they cannot do it inside lawfully? Was local black activist Victor DiPonceau , now doing 30 years as a prison slave for ‘conspiracy’, set up by O’flynn because Victor is the founder of  ‘Jail for Judges’ ? call Americas most corrupt county clerk Cheryl DiNolfo 585-753-1600 ask: did she ever take a cash payoff when she was judge Siragusa’s clerk to make federal drug charges go away for a local cocaine dealer ? How did she get the gig as keynote speaker for the Constitution Dinner while she holds title to homes and gives us a deed ?


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