Father/son freedom team Dennis and Spencer Schuelke need a massive phone blitz


Father/son freedom team Dennis and Spencer Schuelke need a massive phone blitz ! Put the Tennessee mason judges and police on notice they are being observed by the entire nation ! Albert Gore is proudly listed as a top Tennessee mason so dont tell me they have not infiltrated our government ! Judge Charles Rich 931-684-8320 Trooper Ken Hackett 615-741-3181 Sheriff Bob Arnold 615-898-7720 Vicar General Dave Perkin 615-783-0763 Archbishop Dave Choby 615-383-6393 ask them all : did trooper John Welker fail to rebut the duly filed Affidavit of Truth because the troop car dash camera showed speed at 0 ? Did judge Rich have indictments as required by law when he issued arrest warrants at random ? Have they ever had any contact with a cult called the masons ? Please expand on statements by vicar general Dave Perkin that archbishop Dave Choby ‘controls all the legal and legislative issues’ ….. No case number , all secret proceedings taking place in a puppet grand jury on Wed and the jury is claiming power to issue arrest warrants . Nazism .



Received this from a friend and thought it needed to be brought to the attention of everyone as it most likely going on in every state.

Just to bring everyone up-to-date on an issue that I jumped in to help with a few weeks ago. Dennis Schuelke (http://attorneysabovethelaw.com/) was being threatened with seizure of his airplane and other property that was stored in a hangar he has been renting for years. The Sumner County Regional Airport Authority (a private corporation) was attempting to force tenants who already had lease agreements to sign new agreements which would force them to over-insure for $1m liability, as well as forfeit their rights to bring suit against the airport.
It was determined that this CRAMDOWN is happening at regional airports across the US. The “regional planning commissions” are operating in a public-private partnership (back-door privatization) scheme, and utilizing funds extracted from the people through property taxes to fund the projects of the private corporation.
As you know these county “governments” (also corporations) present an Annual Financial Report to the people which does not include the income side of their activities. The Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFR) do show the income and investments of the organization, but are not easily obtained.
The residents of Sumner County Tennessee have recently experienced a 24% increase in their property taxes and are not happy. There is a meeting tonight at the County Commission office, where there is standing room only and media are present. Dennis made 100 copies of the attached document, and wishes he had 300 more, as they have been well received.
The public-private partnerships are happening everywhere across the nation, and are schemes to have taxpayers fund ventures of private corporations who are essentially taking over ownership of public facilities. It is the Agenda 21 implementation at the county level.
Dennis is one of 18 people who have three minutes to speak. He will be asking who are the owners of the 1,000 shares of stock in the Sumner County Regional Airport Authority? How many other public-private ventures are taking place through these same means?
The document for $800,000 “loaned”, through the creation of “notes”, to the private corporation is attached, and is being placed into the hands of the angry taxpayers and the media tonight.
Similar stories are happening everywhere with interstates, toll roads, etc.

Additionally and in the State of Tennessee if one goes tohttp://www.tn.gov/ and then in the search bar types in secretary of state this information should come up
Tennessee Department of State Homepage: Tre Hargett, Secretary …
In the Secretary of State’s office, the process of evaluating and improving the … The Secretary of State’s office and all of its operating divisions will be closed …

and once the above site is accessed one should hover one’s mouse over the tab Business Services and click, the tab then turns to Corporations, hover your mouse over the now visible Corporations Tab and click on Business Information Search which will bring up a SEARCH bar. Type into the SEARCH bar united states of america inc then click on the Contains button to the right, fill in the Image Text provided being sure to use upper case or lower case as shown and click Search (one may have to do this step a couple of times)

Doing the above should bring one to a control numbers page listing a few businesses with control numbers on the left. Once there go to this control number 000440426 reading the information to the right and then click on the control number listed which will bring up the page Business Entity Detail and view the information feeling free to explore. Then ask yourself who those 1000 stockholders are?

Again, I would not be surprised if this is going on in every state throughout these several Corporate United States of America. Again, who are these stockholders?


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