All About The Great Cancer Cover up!

Anti Deep State Party

Yes Ill say it! Cancer Cures that the NWO Government doesn’t want you to know about! We all know of someone who has had cancer or has died of cancer. Wouldn’t it be great if Cancer was not a death sentence but instead it was just like the common cold. Some people believe that to be the case. I myself am a believer in the Great Cancer Cover up.

This is why! When I was a younger man in my early twenty’s I was part of a live AM Radio Broadcast show. Myself and a bunch of Anti NWO Patriots from the Rochester NY area started a live Radio show Thursday nights at 7pm broadcast from 1310 AM WASB a small Radio Station that ran Programs out of Brockport NY While doing a broadcast I had the opportunity to listen in on a life changing conversation with Charles Pixley…

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