All about the Boston Bombing anomalies unearthed by citizen investigators!

Anti Deep State Party

Some of the of the best citizen investigators that I know have put together and compiled one of the best detailed independent investigations Iv seen.  They have compiled 100+ clips regarding anomalies about the April 15th 2013 Boston Bombing this is some of the most powerful stuff Iv seen in the search for truth in this independent  investigation about the Bombing Boston.  
“Knowing the lie travels around the world before the truth can tie it’s shoelaces, I decided to share again a year later after citizen investigators unearthed the truth”. John Etter 
I’ve compiled 100+ clips…. powerful stuff for those who have eyes to see, regarding anomalies at Boston last April 15th 2013. I refrained from posting on Boston last year after this response on my wall: “John I don’t believe this is enough evidence to contradict what’s being reported by…

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