Let’s Save some Tax Dollars!

A Nurse With Attitude


All I hear is about the national defict.  How we are losing money as a nation. It’s high time we start reining in some of the spending. I say we start with the government. If it’s an agency that hasn’t done anything in, say the last five years, they need to go.

Does anyone know what the “department of energy” does? It’s a multi-billion dollar agency that was started by Jimmy Carter for one reason… to reduce our dependency on foreign oil. I say this entire agency needs to go. It’s a total failure. The TSA, department of education, the cultural endowments for the arts, all “public broadcasting” should go.

If it doesn’t accomplish it’s stated goal, then it needs to go away. This exchange of freedom for security is a travesty.
A vigilant public not concerned with political correctness would do more, for a lot less taxpayer money.

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