Christian man with TBI harassed and apprehended by Rochester NY Police department.

My longtime friend and brother in Jesus Christ Harry Allen called me a few days ago and asked me for help or for some friendly advice knowing that I’m one of the founding members of the Courtroom Observation Network and have friends that are members of the activist group  who teach law and its also a place that you can learn how apply it in the areas of Constitutional lawAdministrative Procedure law, Law Research, Law objectives, or Constitutional Law and other subjects like freedom, Republic vs Democracy form of government are topics of learning. Void Judgments, Vacating Judgments, a swell as other technical items are covered.  If you want to join them and Learn how stay in honor and administrativly solve problems, write letters or respond to letters, and other self-help law facts  Id advise checking out there website!  
I met Harry Allen back about ten years ago in the Rochester’s Culver Rd and Bay st area at Johnny’s Irish pub a nice neighborhood pub at 1382 Culver Rd., Rochester, New York 14609.  You have to understand that this is a classy place and they don’t let young punks and trouble makers hang out at this establishment its a place for your average blue collar working people.   Business men and women who are Professionals frequent this establishment.
 I can say that Harry is not a trouble maker at all as a matter for fact he is a good guy in general,  I know this because when I was down and out after a loss of a job,  harry gave me a place to stay till I got back on my feet so I got to know Harry pretty well as a Christian man and a good person in general.  Other than the fact that Harry had a Traumatic brain injury (TBI) when he was younger that effects him slightly.  Harry Allen is smart as a whip and one the most peaceful guys I know!  So when I heard the Rochester Police Department harassed and apprehended Harry, I am alarmed at this as you should be to.  You have to ask yourself if this was you or your friend wouldn’t you be upset and alarmed to.
So I’m asking that you come and support Harry in court or write a letter to the judge on Harry behalf  as Harry stands up and faces this tyrannical local government system and the RPD.  I asked Harry what the police officers names where and if they gave him any paper work after his arrest and they didn’t give him anything but a court date to appearance ticket for Tues the 8th of April 2014 at 9:30 am before Judge Dixon  7th JUDICIAL DISTRICT Criminal Division.  If your want to go to the court and be an observer!  
Tuesday April 8th 2014 at 9:30 am
Physical Address: 99 Exchange Boulevard 

Rochester, NY  14614

To write a letter to the Judge on Harry Allen s behalf write to  Judge Maija C. Dixon 

  • Maija C. Dixon

  • Rochester City Court
  • Hall of Justice
    Rochester, NY 14614
  • +1-585-428-4374



Rochester NY * Courtroom Observation Network

Hello, My name is Harold Allen. By suggestion of Dan Leach I am writing this notice concerning my being harassed and apprehended by Rochester Cops this past Thursday night. While walking home from Johnny’s Irish pub heading down the sidewalk in the direction of my home. I play music @ Johnny’s on an occasional Thursday open mic and was carrying a backpack with my harmonicas and wearing my cowboy hat. I guess that made me suspect I guess. I was stopped by 2 officers. I was doing no harm, just walking home. The time was approx. 12:15am or so. They pulled up alongside me as I was walking down the sidewalk in a southeasterly direction. They asked me what I was doing, where I was going and asked for ID, I politely said I was just going home and that I lived just around the corner and attempted to proceed walking. They rushed around me, grabbed me and asked me for my “papers” again, I repeated. I’m just going home, and did not have to show them anything. They forcibly grabbed me, took my backpack after I told them they were only harmonicas and proceeded to search my person, reaching into my pockets, practically pulling my pants down, grabbed my wallet, searching every little pocket, found my id. Unfortunately I had an outstanding bench warrant due to a missed court date for Unlicensed Operation of a MV that i was hoping to clear up. Now I do not know what to do. Thankfully my sister has bailed me out. I have to appear Tues the 8th at 9:30am before Judge Dixon. I ask for any guidance or assistance as God directs. Thank you all so very much. Dan Leach has my contact info for calls.

Harry Allen
Harry Allen

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