Wegmans Grocery Stores Continue GMO Deception

     For decades , a  major component of the economic , employment and nutritional situation in western New York state has been Wegmans supermarkets . Founded by entrepreneur  Walter Wegman in 1916 , the once locally-focused grocery store has deteriorated into a pile of genetically-altered , preserevative -filled and chemically- loaded toxins . Frozen pies once baked locally are now made in China . Meat packed at the plant on Chili Avenue  is preserved with  the chemical formaldahyde . { the stuff that gave you a splitting headache in science class } . American salmon is shipped overseas for packaging then shipped back to wegmans { america is apparently not able to wrap a piece of fish in plastic } . Propylene-glycol is prominent in many wegmans baked-goods , ice creams , soda-pop , etc. Propylene-glycol is the main  ingredient in anti-freeze . A bag of  Alexia sweet potato fries , labeled on the front of the bag as ” all natural ” , has written in fine print on the ingredients : DISODIUM DIHYDROGEN PYROPHASATE  {sounds really natural }. Olives at the olive bar are soaking in canola oil { canola stands for canadian oil , it is a genetically altered strain of the toxic rapeseed oil } .  A world-class baker , brought to  Rochester by wegmans from France in the 1980s , has been replaced with formula-food . This is a term to describe a single standardized ingredient list  which is uniformly followed by the large corporate food processors { notice the ingredient formula on most corporate food is almost identical to the next brand } . Wegmans cottage cheese contains : corn starch , guar gum , locust bean gum , and carageneen { seaweed } as 4 of the 7 ingredients . These are classic food replacement scams ; real food is replaced with cheap , artificial chemicals , thickeners and fillers .  Genetically altered strains of wheat , corn , soy , meat , fish , etc . fill the wegmans stores . After intelligent customers rejected GMO  { genetically manipulated organism food },  the wegmans family made an unethical decision that would make satan proud : rather than eliminate GMO , they deceitfully removed the warning labels ! Now wegmans is effectively lying to all who shop there . But  why does the government say GMO is OK ? Knowing corrupt government pepole take millions in ” donations ”  {also known in the real world as bribes } from the the food-replacement chemical industry , a government OK should cause a big OH NO !



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    For decades , a major component of the economic , employment and nutritional situation in western New York state has been Wegmans supermarkets . Founded by entrepreneur Walter Wegman in 1916 , the once locally-focused grocery store has deteriorated into a pile of genetically-altered , preserevative -filled and chemically- loaded toxins


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