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  1. No requirement for microchipping exists in the Affordable Care Act — here’s the text, tell me where to look, if you claim otherwise:

    The company that manufactured medical information RFID chips stopped in 2010. No market. There is no company making such chips now, so were there a provision in the law, it could not be met.

    Shame on you for spreading such nonsense.


  2. So would you like to go and buy some chips and how many? Embedded Solutions » Engineering Tools » RF / Wireless Development Tools » RFID Transponder’s. So tell me again Mr
    Ed Darrell how that no company’s making or stopped making the chips and technologies or tools for the RFID chips. Sorry government troll you lose this battle. People just do a Google search on the subject and you will find lots of chips.


      • Thanks Ed will check it out I do not block any responses unless they are violent and can get the FBI to knock on my door. We welcome constructive criticism and give credit to those who help us find the best possible truth and facts. That is why we are credible when it comes to being a information source. And Im working on your 2nd part of the question as to the text in the health care bill. I know that we do have the info its just a matter of finding old blog posts that we have done with this info. Again thanks for your reply Ed Darrell.
        Daniel J Leach
        AntiNWOParty organizer and founder.


  3. OK Ed Darrell as to your question about the health care bill and the chip being mandatory. You are correct it will not be mandatory for people to have it implanted at this point in time. ” If the Health Care passes it will be mandatory by March 28th 2013! Can you say Mark of the beast system being set up 666?” Daniel J Leach OK Yes the Health care bill does make a system for tracking Micro chip’s in a national medical device registry for all American People MANDATORY
    There is, however, a section on a national medical device registry (Sub Title C, Section 2561), which reads: “The Secretary shall establish a national medical device registry (in this subsection referred to as the ‘registry’) to facilitate analysis of postmarket safety and outcomes data on each device that (a) is or has been used in or on a patient; and (b) is…a device that is implantable, life supporting or life-sustaining.”


    • That section is aimed at implantable devices like artificial hearts, implantable insulin injectors, and other devices used in health care. There is no such thing anymore as an implantable identification chip for humans (animal implantable chips carry only a registration number and the brand, which will identify at which veterinary office you had your chip implanted, and the phone number of your owner . . .).

      The issue is whether anyone is responsible to keep information on whether artificial hearts or other implantable devices actually work, and whether they cause problems. Nominally, we used to think, this would fall to the Centers for Disease Control, but some wag pointed out that an implantable artificial cochlea is not a disease.

      Perhaps more critically, there is nothing in the Affordable Care Act to suggest any further reason to track such information through implants. HIPAA (Health Information Portability and Accountability Act) requires that information on patients and their diagnoses and treatments be kept in a portable form, but the determination has been made that “portable” can include computer servers, and even servers in disparate places — with hard and clear protections for patient privacy that would prevent anyone who does not need the information to aid in treating the patient, from getting information (your employer can’t learn what odd diseases you may have).

      Most of the information claiming a requirement for chip implants suggests a link to bank accounts. Such a link would be illegal under banking rules, but it’s also unnecessary once the Affordable Care Act is implemented, since every patient appearing at a health care provider should be insured — one of the chief goals of the law, in order to make certain injured and diseased people get treated, to aid recovery and prevent the spread of disease, thereby making healthier people and saving oodles of money.

      Bottom line, there is no requirement for chip implantation in the Affordable Care Act, there is no such device available in the world today, and there is no need for an implantable chip under the Act.

      As to why anyone thought it might be useful: Consider a soldier on patrol in Afghanistan. His truck runs over an IED, and he arrives severely bleeding, unconscious and close to death at a MASH unit. At that point, it would be very, very useful to know the soldier’s blood type and any allergies he may have to narcotics, other pain killers, or any other chronic conditions that should be considered in treating him (allergies to latex, or plastics, or other materials used in holding or delivering medications). If that soldier had an implantable chip that could be scanned to get that information, it would be very useful in saving the man’s life. Trauma units have found other ways to get around this problem, mostly, and there are few battlefield or emergency room deaths due to mistreatments from not having the correct information. We hope.

      And I hope you hope so, too, but I have my doubts about the movement that spreads misinformation claiming nefarious intent, and their concern for American soldiers, or other Americans. There is no nefarious intent in the implantable device industry.


      • P.S. — that section didn’t make the Affordable Care Act. The registry for implantable devices was struck out. There is no Section 2561, there is no mention of any implantable device in the bill, despite the good intentions of health care providers.

        Check for yourself:
        (It’s electronically searchable)

        The language you cite does not appear in the Affordable Care Act, nor is there a Section 2561.

        Heart transplant patients, implantable defibrillator wearers, and artificial hip and knee patients, probably are less protected, because of the ungrounded fear promulgated by people claiming nefarious intent in that section.

        Happy now?


  4. New Blog Title thanks for the constructive criticism! We want to remain Credible with our blog as a source of information for all those Patriots seeking to learn the facts and Truth.
    Mark of the Beast 666 Micro chipping of all the American People if the Health Care passes a (((National Medical Device Registry))) will be mandatory by March 28th 2013!


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